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Universal Audio Controls (Ver. 1.2) For Unity


Product Description

Ever needed a Mute Button, Volume, or other Audio controls, but didn’t want to code them?

Universal Audio Controls (For Unity) = your Quick & COMPLETE solution!

Watch the Super Quick Demo Video ~             Updated to Ver. 1.2 !                                                              

^- See How It Works -^

Story Behind this: ….. I couldn’t find it.… All I wanted was a mute button, already coded and ready for me to use… and maybe a ready-made set of volume controls… Couldn’t find it! So, I made them and expanded into this awesome time-saving Asset!

Features: ~ Ready to Go! ~

2D & 3D Mute Button Prefabs   BONUS: 30+ Original Mute Buttons included! (sample below)

2D Volume Control Prefabs   BONUS: 5+ Original Volume Control Button Sets included! (sample below)

3D Volume Control Prefabs   –  5 Original 3D Volume Control Prefabs included! (sample below)

Customize them with: 50 Original Textures: (From the Himalayan Mountains!)                                 * 1024K & 2048K quality!                                                                                                                                         Clouds , Dirt, Stone . Water , Cloth , Metal , Wood , Plants , Plastic , & More!

Texture Collage Final 1.2 *Textures Pack is a separate download, with coupon and link provided within the Unity Asset Package. (Simply add the Asset Package to your project in Unity and browse to the Textures Folder.)


Audio: 12 Seamless, Looping Tracks; Comprised of short ditties and longer play tracks.

Total Music Time: 9 min 58 sec

——Listen to the Audio Tracks Here ———

Audio Categories: Cars/Racing, Jungle, Stars/Fantasy, Classical/Acoustic, Jazz/Swing, & More!


All Source Code and Scripts Included!

~ Written in C# ~ Documentation For Every Part!

Code commented for ease of use.

You can customize this even further to meet your projects requirements!

Works for Android, IOS, Web, WP8, Blackberry, Standalone, Windows Store Apps, and More!


~~INCOMING in the next Update: ~~

– Microphone Control Prefab

– NGUI – Volume & Mute Control Elements (Will Require NGUI to function)

– PlayMaker – Volume & Mute Control Elements (Will Require Playmaker to function)

More Textures!

More Audio Tracks!

(And the scripts that go with them! )

Grab this pack, and get to work on the rest of your project!


Size of Bonus Texture Pack: 250MB

Version 1.2 Updates:

  • Removed the Bonus Texture Pack and providing it as a separate download. :)
  • Added the new “Mouser” 2D Volume Control Prefab

(Alternately: Get it in the Unity AssetStore:  Universal Audio Controls )

Any helpful Feedback or Comments would be welcome! :D


Support —>  Email: or Post on this forum for help and FAQ’s.

(Don’t forget to read the How To Guides in each part of the Asset’s Folders! )



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