How it Works

We built Unity3d.Trade to provide an alternate marketplace for Developers to sell their Unity Assets & receive a higher payout, and for you to buy Unity Assets and get rewarded for it!

The Catch:

For Developers:  Devs who list their products get 95% given to them, unlike other sites that only give 70%. (Our cut: 5% to cover our costs and make this possible.)

For Everyone Else:  Two things: Rewards and Gift Cards.

  • Rewards: You get 10% of your purchases back in Unity3d.Trade store credit.
  • Give Gifts! Buy store credits (like a gift card) for others for purchase items in the Unity3d.Trade store.

Where do I start?

Devs: Create an Account, then Submit your Assets for listing on the store. We promise to never pirate/give away/use your assets for any other purpose than listing on the Unity3d.Trade store.

Everyone Else: Create an Account, then browse the Store.  See your account details for credit balance, and purchase history.

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